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Inside the Dancer's Art

Inside the Dancer's Art

Inside the Dancer's Art is now available! With a foreword by Lar Lubovitch, Inside the Dancer's Art is a journey through thirty years of elegant photographs of the mysterious and complex world of dance. This book showcases intimate portraits that reveal and celebrate the world of the dancer, and provides words of wisdom and guidance from dancers themselves. Sensual and mesmerizing, these images will entrance dancer and non-dancer alike—as well as anyone who loves fine photography—with their powerful depiction of the human body.

Published by Wesleyan University Press, 2017.

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The Director Within

The Director Within: Storytellers of Stage and Screen

In The Director Within, Rose Eichenbaum sits down with thirty-five modern day storytellers—directors of theater, film and television. Eichenbaum’s subjects speak with revealing clarity about the entertainment industry, the role and life of the director, and the ways theatrical and cinematic storytelling impact our culture and our lives.

The Director Within includes interviews and portraits with Peter Bogdanovich, Julie Taymor, Mel Brooks, Hal Prince, John Carpenter, Barry Levinson, Lawrence Kasdan, Walter Hill, Taylor Hackford and many others. This book is a must have for anyone interested in storytelling on the stage or the screen.

Published by Wesleyan University Press, 2014.

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The Actor Within

The Actor Within: Intimate Conversations With Great Actors

In Rose’s third work on the confluence of art making and human expression, she delves into the lives of thirty-five celebrated actors through intimate conversations and photographic portraits. With her probing questions and disarming manner, she captures the essential character of her subjects while shining a light o the art that defines them.

This work provides extraordinary insights of the actor’s craft from seasoned veterans and serves as an important inspirational resource for anyone interested in making art, regardless of medium.

Published by Wesleyan University Press, 2011.

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The Dancer Within

The Dancer Within: Intimate Conversations With Great Dancers

The Dancer Within is a collections of revealing photographic portraits and short essays based on confessional interviews with forty dancers and entertainers, many of them world famous. These artists speak with extraordinary candor about all stage of the dancer’s life—from their first dance class to their signature works and their days of reflection on the artist’s life. This book is about the courage, commitment, love and passion of these performers in their quest for artistic excellence. The reader will quickly realize that “the dancer within” is a metaphor for the human spirit.

Published by Wesleyan University Press, 2008.

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Masters of Movement

Masters of Movement: Portraits of America’s Great Choreographers

In Rose Eichenbaum’s most personal work, she takes us on a journey into the world of theatrical dance in order to understand the secrets of creativity. We meet the principal dancers of such giants as Martha Graham, George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, Alvin Ailey and Agnes de Mille—unguarded and uncensored, they share experiences, emotions and insights that have driven their creativity and defined their styles. Masters of Movement will inform, empower and inspire anyone on the creative path and delight lovers of dance everywhere.

Published by Smithsonian Books, 2004.

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