Artist's Statement

My big word is “intention.” Those who have taken my photo workshops know that it’s the first and last thing I talk about. I ask, ‘What do you want to convey in your work?’ Making something visible, audible and accessible to others from that which only exists in one’s mind and heart is the artist’s greatest challenge. How do you employ the essential principles and techniques of your chosen medium to create something that defines you, projects your originality and aesthetic and has a voice in our culture? This is what I’ve spent the last forty years trying to find out, first as a dancer, then as a photographer and writer.

I’ve had successes that exceeded my wildest expectations—book deals, coveted photo assignments, national exhibitions, magazine covers and the ability to interview and photograph some of the most enlightened and talented people in the world. What an extraordinary ride it’s been even when the road was bumpy and I took some wrong turns and painful hits. But the journey made me stronger and even more committed to produce work that matters. I’ve learned that we grow from doing and that art making has the power to enrich our lives, inform us in ways we could never have predicted---and simply said, be happier.

It’s also always been my intention to share with others what I’ve learned along the way. I hope you’ll become a frequent visitor to my blog where I will be sharing candid personal stories, work notes and reflections of my experiences in the field. It is my sincerest hope that you will find inspiration, insight and advice that may aid you on your own artist’s path. My mother always taught me that if you give to others you give to yourself. There is no greater reward than to know you’ve inspired another human being.

All rights reserved. All photographs and text included herein are the property of Rose Eichenbaum.